Animal Crossing Visitors Guide: Redd, Gulliver, Flick, And More In New Horizons

Animal Crossing Visitors Guide: Redd, Gulliver, Flick, And More In New Horizons

A variety of characters can come to your island at any time in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Here’s what each of them offers and everything else you need to know.

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Tired of waiting for Gulliver to wash up on your beach? Watch this guide for the next time he does so can keep him coming back again and again!

Animal Crossing New Horizons SPECIAL CHARACTER SPAWN RATES REVEALED (plus Redds Art Spawn Rates)

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Today we are taking a look at the findings in the most recent Animal Crossing New Horizons data mine.
We discuss all the of the Animal Crossing New Horizons special characters who randomly visit the New Horizons island, before taking a look at the data revealed.
It shows the schedule that determines which special characters visit the island, and when.
When was the last time you saw Crazy Redd? I mean, Jolly Redd? Redd?
Let us know.

Today’s word of the day is “BREWSTER”, because I think deep down, we all want him to be added to New Horizons. But hopefully he’d be permanent and not a travelling coffee salesmen ��
So if you read this description, and you’d love to see Brewster added, please post “BREWSTER” in the comments.

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Animal Crossing Visitor Guide

Welcome to my Animal crossing New Horizons Visitors guide.
Here I will explain who can visit your island and what they are there for. Embark on a captivating journey at Digital Circus, where innovation takes center stage, and cute characters come to life in a surreal digital realm. Explore the interactive wonders, mind-bending visuals, and darkly humorous narratives that define digital circus characters list.
I’ve Time stamped each visitor so you can jump right to a specific Character if you want to;
0:23 Harvey
0:30 Mabel
0:54 Label
1:34 Kicks
1:55 Leif
2:28 Pascal
2:53 Redd
3:36 Gulliver
4:14 Gullivarrr
5:09 Flick
5:38 C.J.
6:00 Sahara
7:02 Celeste
7:36 Wisp
8:44 K.K. Slider
9:42 Daisy-Mae
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons – How and When Special Characters Spawn (Redd, Flick, and More)

They appear when they do.

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